Monday, July 21, 2008

New Free Music Site: Live Concerts for Streaming Only

My blogging has been slow with many captures but little follow through.

My funk began with some introspective thinking about Deep Brain Stimulation and the anguish of those who are lifted by it, versus the failure of traditional treatments to help. Depression is an illness not easily lifted once set in.

Speaking of depression, not many have both exogenous and endogenous factors working on them at once SMILE.

For me, I know I turn around stronger for the experience. For others, they don't make it.

For my bloggin interlude, I have facebooked extensively, and will have to take a 12 step program from it, as I am meeting very interesting people and making friends that just are not possible in any other world, virtual or otherwise.

But all is not lost to my readers: today I found a great little site that has classic rock concerts for free, requiring only a login. The catch of the site is the cross-selling opportunities but the hook is free streaming of concerts that are not visual but audio, with the feature that the audio is very well done.

Wolfgang's Vault

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