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I think *must* see video

This is going to jack up prices and result in long lineups. Such worries at this time.

From the Canadian Press of all folks ...


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Workfriendly: Yet Another Issue - PlagiarismToday

Workfriendly: Yet Another Issue - PlagiarismToday

Interesting article ... again.

Northworthy is taking his criticism posting shorties ... Bon Appetit!

Google, Amazon Lead Disruptive Cloud Computing Wave, Microsoft Again Behind Curve - Silicon Alley Insider

Google, Amazon Lead Disruptive Cloud Computing Wave, Microsoft Again Behind Curve - Silicon Alley Insider

Surveillance cameras move crime in San Francisco

Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Surveillance cameras move crime in San Francisco

From (C>)ollectania "How Judges Think"

Patry's commentary on Posner's "How Judges Think"

Jeff Healy's "Stunning" Video

Stony Plain Records:

Canada's Roots, Rock, Country, Folk & Blues Label

Holger Petersen posted up

a stunning video of Jeff, filmed by Mako Funusaka at several live performances, and in the studio at what turned out to be Jeff’s final recording session.

Jeff Healey's loss was tragic but he lived life to the max. He had so many songs to hit home with me, but Angel Eye's had special reverberation with my own life.


Hint: Click the top link. Just in case ... >>>> LINK <<<

Hardstock for Scotty Hard 2008: Hardstock 08 -a special benefit for Scott Harding

Hardstock for Scotty Hard 2008:

Hardstock 08 -a special benefit for Scott Harding

Hatip to the Canadian Cynic

Google Taking On Amazon With App Engine (GOOG, AMZN) - Silicon Alley Insider

Google Taking On Amazon With App Engine (GOOG, AMZN) - Silicon Alley Insider


Creative Commons Works Search Engine Study: Google v. Yahoo Compared

The House of Commons blog:

Table comparing Yahoo and Google's commons-based advanced search options

This is more than a table. Check it out.

When you want to feel no pressure on quoting or using content in its entirety even, you need to know how these searches work *maybe* ... a puzzle in the fair use laws of the US ... fair dealing wise, Canada copyright law, I think I need to read more on the Canadian legal situation on using any work for criticism ...

Hmmm ... I would think in law ... in Canada you could post anything for criticism but not for purchase but you have to be in Canada's "Great Wall" on the Internet.

More surely on this to come.

Orchard CEO Voices MySpace Music Concerns

Orchard Voices MySpace Music Concerns

This is big is you are an "Indie" label or artist in the music biz.

From Hypebot.

Los Angeles Times : The RIAA loses (or not)

Bit Player : Los Angeles Times : The RIAA loses (or not)

Nice summary of the RIAA v the American people ...

Michael Geist - DFAIT Launches Consultation on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Michael Geist - DFAIT Launches Consultation on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

This is incredible. Read it carefully.

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One Perfect Day

One Perfect Day

Cat-chy ...

At MyNinjaPlease ...

A Good Blogger needs Some Help from Tokyo

Room Wanted in Tokyo, likely on the real cheap, for a blogger with blog named "Unknown Genius"

I like "unknown genius" as a concept. It has great appeal in a gizmodo-Mothra kind of way.

If there was a scientist-genie-artist wendo type out there who could help him, it would be a great gesture from the Blogosphere.

He posts openly so you know his mind as well as the calibre of his thoughts as well as his manners and respect in his rebuttles.

Dave’s Blog

Judge yourself. Arigato.

PS Narrita held once an AC-DC concert? What if you could get another one ... or Aerosmith ... or ... 1-2-3-4-5 ... There are global gifts out there and amazing people, to whom if you doubt them, they appear to get silent, and then you lose their friendship not that you might ever need it or want it. Puzzling thoughts ...

Rogers start messing with their customer’s internet

Rogers start messing with their customer’s internet

Jamie Plucinski catches up with what Roger's is up to.

He suggests class action.

I suggest each person with a beef, file a $10,000 claim (the limit) in small claims court against Bell, and another separate action of $10,000 against Rogers.

Let the judge hear me (or you), and see what they say.

If the opposing lawyers spend too much, I would certainly exercise my right to "tax" their bills, as they should have a simple story to tell the judge without requiring much effort on their part.

My story might not be so simple for either of them, and certainly I am willing to share my arguments to non-lawyers at the appropriate time.

I know I could use the $20,000 (not sure if its "taxable" ... I am sure the CRA could advise on this).

Could you do this too, by filing and appearing your self?

FWIW, its supposed "our" little person court with no need for legal representation. In fact if you use legal representation, you will likely lose as the judge will give no lawyer a break in any procedural question, but if it was you, and you were polite, calm, slow, asking questions of the judge with great respect, you might be helped by the court rather than hindered.

You must however state your case clearly, and concisely, sufficient for the Judge to see the injustice as well as the harm this has caused you.

If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose what, a paycheque at most?

Blogging, Music, Race, Culture

Oliver Wang and Mark Anthony Neal in Conversation: Blogging, Music, Race, Culture

Interesting blog article on quite the combo of subjects.

By Cathy Davidson, who seems to always come up with visuals for effects.

Jury Hits Microsoft with Patent Infringement Verdict of $367 million

Washington State Patent Law Blog: Jury Hits Microsoft with Patent Infringement Verdict of $367 million

We posted earlier on this news. The news here is that it was a jury verdict, plus many more details from the Washington State Patent Law Blog.

Battle for Freedom of Speech

Joseph Howe & the Battle for Freedom of Speech

Canadian history is a rich subject that few get to past a bit of explorations, treaty's in European context, and what a Beaver hat looked like.

His Excellency, John Ralston Saul, [not sure if you lose that when you are no longer "royalty" (representative or not)] has a quite a few things to say on CPAC right now in a speech to a Canada France colloquium ($50!) on Canada's impact on the world for the past 400 years.

Evidently, according to John, Canada is the oldest federation in the world, beating Switzerland by a few months.

Quebec City is afterall celebrating 400 years this years. The treaty of Montreal of 1701 was highlighted as how the new folks got a deal with 40 aboriginal groups.

I caught this line and its quite telling:

"We people understand mulitple-personality disorder in Canada."

"Since the aboriginals and New France, we have experimented with the non-monolithic nation state."

On citizenship ...

"Since 1847 Canada has been doing something that France has never done. We have had public citizenship swearing in ceremonies. Its a public democratic ceremony."

I have to get the transcript of this. It was on this morning.

The Institute for Canadian Citizenship has more information surely:

Net Neutrality: Amber Mac lays it out easy ...

Trippy Protests to Watch Out For ...

There are some wise comments to Jon Newton's P2PNet post (overt hat tip!).

40,000 (controversial) tiny stone men

40,000 (controversial) tiny stone men

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Game Jam Toronto Indie Independent | TOJam | Game Development

Creating Evidence

FBI posts fake hyperlinks to snare child porn suspects | The Iconoclast - politics, law, and technology

I think this tactic reeks that the Iconoclast digs into hard. It is so very wrong.

Could someone who hates you but you think is your friend, gain access to your computer and go to this kind of "honeypot," and then, 10 years later with Bubba as your room mate, you are set free? Forget, friend, how about a sibbling battle gone wrong ...

I was told one story by a doctor of another doctor who got set up by his wife, on a sexually related child abuse of their daughter. The police took it in hook, line, and sinker. Well the doctor eventually cleared his name, but was gang raped in jail as a child diddler, and got AIDS before he was successfully cleared. Evidently his friends bought the ex's story with the appearance of the charges, so they were not in any rush to help him ...

Even at work, you step away from your workstation without locking it, and who knows what e-mail can be sent with your ID ... in my shop, if you leave yourself open to that, you are on the street, let alone you actually let someone else use your ID knowingly.

To set ups like this, this is one reason why I like the Canadian justice system in spirit this type of stuff would not be tolerated yet it seems to have made a come back.

The MacDonald Royal Commission launched by Pierre Trudeau "busted up" the dirty tactics the RCMP were up to, in Quebec in the 60's and 70's (who know when it started really ...), that created CSIS, and Ministerial "oversight" to separate "intelligence" gathering from "investigation." The "spooks" were of course afraid to share with the politicians ...

The Air India terrorist bombing is now under a similar Inquiry "Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182." The RCMP appearing on claimed to hamped by the CSIS not sharing "intelligence" yet the evidence taken I watched on CPAC, showed no such hindering. This is not my battle at the moment but many Canadians are still seeking justice (read the damning "The Canadian Response").

The kiddie porn distributors here are a whole other story v. the "clients" who as Declan McCullagh notes are difficult to actually identify. This was the problem with photo radar, as it got the plate and the car, then accused the owner, not the driver of the violation.

Mike Harris might have been wrong on some things, but he was right to kill such bad enforcement methods.

There are many ways to gather evidence but creating a crime is not the way you enforce laws.

Not now. Not ever.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

World Bank accused of climate change hijack

World Bank accused of climate change hijack

Man of Steel celebrates 70th birthday

Man of Steel celebrates 70th birthday

Happy birthday Superman. Wonder if he still has a place in Canada, near the magnetic North Pole ... My kids think he is Canadian.

Neat trivia in the article including some great pics that you should go there to see.

TED | Talks | Stephen Hawking: Asking big questions about the universe (video)

TED | Talks | Stephen Hawking: Asking big questions about the universe (video)

Wayback Machine: Microsoft’s shot to kill Quicktime video | The Apple Core |

Wayback Machine: Microsoft’s shot to kill Quicktime video | The Apple Core |

FastFacts: Now is the time for all good people (and rascals) to come to the aid of (one) party (or another)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - FastFacts: Now is the time for all good people (and rascals) to come to the aid of (one) party (or another)

More food for thought on a busy weekend.

Personally, whining and not voting or participating does nothing but leave you in existence for whining and not doing anything about it. Not something you wanna really be accused of by say wounded soldiers or friends overseas who are stuck somewhere, that you might feel need not have happened, if say you made a difference.

If you believe in a civil society, are you "in" or are you "out"?

Either way, you are complicit if you live in Canada.

If say another country did not like "our" position, do you think Canada would get an exemption? There are other countries in the world, that are well capable of significant "collateral" damage. If pushed, who knows what happens?

And it does not have to be a country either as we know how various groups don't really have a national identity but a different level of affiliation.

The incident that was to be out of Heathrow in the UK where the British authorities broke it up before it happened (with or without(?) the heavier duty MI-6/CIA/NSA/CSE), is now to be under trial soon or if not started, Canadian airplanes were going to be blown up over the Atlantic. Perhaps a relative of yours or an acquaintance of an acquaintance, etc were to perish.


Are you paying attention ... yet?

The bad guys are not doing what they are doing just "because." They want justice, in their understanding of it. They certainly don't have peace that is for sure. And freedom? Way down the list. Poverty? Absolutely. Nothing to lose.

In the Atlantic Monthly in 1979, it was well outlined this threat but I guess since then no one has listened really and gathered the intelligence and care required to make peace.

Was it ever doable? I don't know.

The global interdependence movement lead by the Council on Foreign Relations took care of the larger countries but what about the poor countries and the impoverished? No plan that I could ever see as they were not perceived as threats.

Now they are.

Personally, I am considering the New Democrats to help out privately, politically. The Liberals could have had a chance but they are so policy conflicted now v. the "cleaner" Chretien/Trudeau/Laurent/King/Laurier days. The Tories are without hope.

Unknown Genius: International Olympic Committee Inc.

Dave’s Blog on the International Olympic Committee Inc.

I like some of the original thinking here. Take it for what it is, free expression. Very Haiku / Outwitzu, 5th Dan ... not for the faint of mind.

See ""

Microsoft Loses $367 Million Patent Judgment; Plans Appeal

Microsoft Loses $367 Million Patent Judgment; Plans Appeal

What if "infinite cash" ever met "infinite lawsuits"?

While I do not advocate specific legal action against Microsoft, it is certainly foreseeable, that the early claims of "infinite cash" were the remarks of a dullard.

There could or already be a pile up at MS "Law."

Friday, April 04, 2008

Broken News: the Original Tip off to the Airbus Bribes

Stevie Cameron's blog: she posts the original note she received that caused her to dig!

Stevie Cameron has got to be one heck of a character, of character. She writes and researches material as the MSM used to do, routinely, in double checking stories.

For this, apparently, in some newsrooms she is persona non grata as the RCMP were able to make it on appearances look like she was an informer to her journalist' friends. That appears to be in her testimony before the House of Commons Ethics Committee that was available on CPAC, to be false.

I have two thing salient to follow on here:

The story is still not over. The comments pour in from the user's of that site promotional ability and still not a peep from a MSM source on what happened to the fellow under suspicion, not charged, who has had his entire business taken from him. On appearances, he was finished.

But again, look at the video: what was there? Read the comments. 200 + of them.

How would you like it if one day the police showed up, took your business away, in boxes, said you were crook, but did not charge you?

Would you hope for the "free press" to come and dig?

Well I don't see no digging and I have google alerts on both Raj and Audiomaxxx ... and no one in Canada, a country with a "free press" is checking into it.

Is the guy dead himself? Did he get tasered? No video? No easy news?

Secondly, The Globe and Mail sent me a renewal notice: it is not being renewed.

Screw their publisher. They hit my sh@t list though I like many of their columnists and writers otherwise. Too bad. I will switch to The Star which covered the Lung Cancer discovery in sufficient detail to draw other conclusions than the weak effort the Globe provided on the same story. Its pathetic the "AP" wire story. Really. Read it yourself v. the Star's article.

Bye Globe. I will enter you on the "do not call list" and tell you tomorrow to put my notice, in 22 point bold font, on my file!


"The Katz Family"
Bronx, NY and Toronto, ON

"Techno Travels"

Howard Rheingold, HiperWalls, HASTAC II: Get on the Bus Now! | HASTAC

This is a cool conference themed on "“techno-travels.”

Stop throttling users, ISPs tell Bell: CRTC doc

p2pnet news has the story: Stop throttling users, ISPs tell Bell: CRTC doc

This is very interesting as Bell's "MSN/Sympatico" might be a member of CAIP ... Canadian Association of Internet Providers.

MediaFuturist: juanzelada: A good example of an artist using the Sonific songspot widget

MediaFuturist: juanzelada: A good example of an artist using the Sonific songspot widget

"The Web gives us more volume, we can reach more people and we don’t rely on anybody else to do it."

hypebot: Wal-Mart Pulls SonyBMG & WMG Downloads

hypebot: Wal-Mart Pulls SonyBMG & WMG Downloads

No .wma DRM files need apply to Walmart. EMI and Universal signed up.

Sony/BMG and Warner can now go pick on the Walton gang ... and see what happens to them.

A lyrics site goes legit: MetroLyrics of BC

A lyrics site goes legit

Gracenote_logo Gracenote announced a couple years ago that it was entering a new line of business, to go along with CD and music recognition services: it would supply lyrics, fully licensed by the copyright owners, to websites and device makers. It has landed a few notable deals since then, including Yahoo and MTV, but today it's unveiling its most interesting new customer: MetroLyrics, a British Columbia-based site that specializes in song lyrics. The deal is a sign that at least some sites operating in a legal and ethical gray zone online are ready to join forces with copyright holders, if the terms make sense.

Read more here.

looks real cool.

Sony discloses security breach - Davis LLP

Sony discloses security breach - Davis LLP

"Sony has issued a notice to PLAYSTATION Network users that their personal information on the PLAYSTATION Store may have been compromised. The notice warns that some users’ passwords may have been changed through unauthorized access, allowing third parties to view the personal information stored on users’ accounts. The notice also states that the security problem has been resolved."

Might be old news to some people but the Video Game Law Blog has the Canadian impact on our privacy laws regime.

A Great Personal Day for Northworthy

In my small world, this is a great day, as the Toronto Star published on April 3rd, 2008, this article "Lung Cancer Trigger Discovered."

This article indicates that they now know the trigger and some of the dynamics of lung cancer.

I note for my kid fans, I smoke because of a risk analysis due to the complex medical problems I have had to deal with in life, possibly even induced by smoking itself.

Tomorrow I smoke however knowing more that in a sense I was "right" in my observations of the data. It does not change my risk analysis but it give me greater comfort knowing that I might not be subject to that trigger and therefore I can continue to smoke but certainly mindfully and respectfully to others (egads, people used to smoke in elevators ...).

I note even though others believe when they get acquainted with me that I might have a certain intelligence and knowledge base to be very well respected, I will still get "idiots" who on appearances only make their opprobrium known to me.

If they were smarter, perhaps they would realize that you cannot judge other people or even "diagnose" people, solely on appearances. Every one has a story but it would appear at times no one wishes to listen but to act. Stephen Hawking on appearances would have been where? An asylum? Instead he wrote the biggest selling "new physics" book ever, "A Brief History of Time," and now has out "George's Secret Key To The Universe."

For Geeks, you have to check this link to COSMOS the most powerful computer known to man

Breaking up with Bell: The Saga Begins

Its not easy canceling all my relationships with Bell. They appear unwilling to let a third party ISP in on the wires at my condo. Further they appear unwilling to let the same ISP put in home phone service, even on the twisted pairs.

This will no doubt become a future blog article in all its glory as the incident unfolds.

Meantime, to feel and know what a restraint of trade is, and to experience it, calmly, requires a level of patience, particularly without an Industry Minister giving a whit apparently.

I am very upset but realize that it might be a matter of time to address appropriately. I do have patience, but really, I want everything that Bell owns out of my home.

Not just for the violation of Net Neutrality they are trying to achieve on a de facto basis, without the government having concern (unbelievable), but the constant daily drops in the service I experienced before and their inability to resolve them.

With this attitude, as the CBC headline states "Hands off our network, Bell tells CRTC," I kind of wonder who owns Canada. Do Canadians own Canada or do companies with private shareholders? I can see the face down that would have occurred in prior governments at this alacrity, a threat to the communications security of the country in my opinion, and the benign, quixotic response of this particular government in contrast. This is woeful and intolerable.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Reflections from Fordham - Howard Knopf

Howard Knopf is definitely a very powerful figure in Canadian Copyright law "politics" and in the court cases he has been privy.

He is one of those folks I am student of "virtually" by reading his blog postings and his court cases, for my own education.

He has this gem of a title for his paper that he presented and argued at this conference in the U.S.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

They Gave UP!

This is the best day in a long time. Apple has acquired Universal Music Group. iTunes at 15 cents a copy.

This is April 1st right!

Lefsetz Letter today ...

If its a joke, its a good one! If its not a joke, its a good one!