Friday, April 04, 2008

Broken News: the Original Tip off to the Airbus Bribes

Stevie Cameron's blog: she posts the original note she received that caused her to dig!

Stevie Cameron has got to be one heck of a character, of character. She writes and researches material as the MSM used to do, routinely, in double checking stories.

For this, apparently, in some newsrooms she is persona non grata as the RCMP were able to make it on appearances look like she was an informer to her journalist' friends. That appears to be in her testimony before the House of Commons Ethics Committee that was available on CPAC, to be false.

I have two thing salient to follow on here:

The story is still not over. The comments pour in from the user's of that site promotional ability and still not a peep from a MSM source on what happened to the fellow under suspicion, not charged, who has had his entire business taken from him. On appearances, he was finished.

But again, look at the video: what was there? Read the comments. 200 + of them.

How would you like it if one day the police showed up, took your business away, in boxes, said you were crook, but did not charge you?

Would you hope for the "free press" to come and dig?

Well I don't see no digging and I have google alerts on both Raj and Audiomaxxx ... and no one in Canada, a country with a "free press" is checking into it.

Is the guy dead himself? Did he get tasered? No video? No easy news?

Secondly, The Globe and Mail sent me a renewal notice: it is not being renewed.

Screw their publisher. They hit my sh@t list though I like many of their columnists and writers otherwise. Too bad. I will switch to The Star which covered the Lung Cancer discovery in sufficient detail to draw other conclusions than the weak effort the Globe provided on the same story. Its pathetic the "AP" wire story. Really. Read it yourself v. the Star's article.

Bye Globe. I will enter you on the "do not call list" and tell you tomorrow to put my notice, in 22 point bold font, on my file!


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