Friday, April 04, 2008

Breaking up with Bell: The Saga Begins

Its not easy canceling all my relationships with Bell. They appear unwilling to let a third party ISP in on the wires at my condo. Further they appear unwilling to let the same ISP put in home phone service, even on the twisted pairs.

This will no doubt become a future blog article in all its glory as the incident unfolds.

Meantime, to feel and know what a restraint of trade is, and to experience it, calmly, requires a level of patience, particularly without an Industry Minister giving a whit apparently.

I am very upset but realize that it might be a matter of time to address appropriately. I do have patience, but really, I want everything that Bell owns out of my home.

Not just for the violation of Net Neutrality they are trying to achieve on a de facto basis, without the government having concern (unbelievable), but the constant daily drops in the service I experienced before and their inability to resolve them.

With this attitude, as the CBC headline states "Hands off our network, Bell tells CRTC," I kind of wonder who owns Canada. Do Canadians own Canada or do companies with private shareholders? I can see the face down that would have occurred in prior governments at this alacrity, a threat to the communications security of the country in my opinion, and the benign, quixotic response of this particular government in contrast. This is woeful and intolerable.

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