Monday, April 07, 2008

Rogers start messing with their customer’s internet

Rogers start messing with their customer’s internet

Jamie Plucinski catches up with what Roger's is up to.

He suggests class action.

I suggest each person with a beef, file a $10,000 claim (the limit) in small claims court against Bell, and another separate action of $10,000 against Rogers.

Let the judge hear me (or you), and see what they say.

If the opposing lawyers spend too much, I would certainly exercise my right to "tax" their bills, as they should have a simple story to tell the judge without requiring much effort on their part.

My story might not be so simple for either of them, and certainly I am willing to share my arguments to non-lawyers at the appropriate time.

I know I could use the $20,000 (not sure if its "taxable" ... I am sure the CRA could advise on this).

Could you do this too, by filing and appearing your self?

FWIW, its supposed "our" little person court with no need for legal representation. In fact if you use legal representation, you will likely lose as the judge will give no lawyer a break in any procedural question, but if it was you, and you were polite, calm, slow, asking questions of the judge with great respect, you might be helped by the court rather than hindered.

You must however state your case clearly, and concisely, sufficient for the Judge to see the injustice as well as the harm this has caused you.

If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose what, a paycheque at most?

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