Saturday, April 05, 2008

FastFacts: Now is the time for all good people (and rascals) to come to the aid of (one) party (or another)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - FastFacts: Now is the time for all good people (and rascals) to come to the aid of (one) party (or another)

More food for thought on a busy weekend.

Personally, whining and not voting or participating does nothing but leave you in existence for whining and not doing anything about it. Not something you wanna really be accused of by say wounded soldiers or friends overseas who are stuck somewhere, that you might feel need not have happened, if say you made a difference.

If you believe in a civil society, are you "in" or are you "out"?

Either way, you are complicit if you live in Canada.

If say another country did not like "our" position, do you think Canada would get an exemption? There are other countries in the world, that are well capable of significant "collateral" damage. If pushed, who knows what happens?

And it does not have to be a country either as we know how various groups don't really have a national identity but a different level of affiliation.

The incident that was to be out of Heathrow in the UK where the British authorities broke it up before it happened (with or without(?) the heavier duty MI-6/CIA/NSA/CSE), is now to be under trial soon or if not started, Canadian airplanes were going to be blown up over the Atlantic. Perhaps a relative of yours or an acquaintance of an acquaintance, etc were to perish.


Are you paying attention ... yet?

The bad guys are not doing what they are doing just "because." They want justice, in their understanding of it. They certainly don't have peace that is for sure. And freedom? Way down the list. Poverty? Absolutely. Nothing to lose.

In the Atlantic Monthly in 1979, it was well outlined this threat but I guess since then no one has listened really and gathered the intelligence and care required to make peace.

Was it ever doable? I don't know.

The global interdependence movement lead by the Council on Foreign Relations took care of the larger countries but what about the poor countries and the impoverished? No plan that I could ever see as they were not perceived as threats.

Now they are.

Personally, I am considering the New Democrats to help out privately, politically. The Liberals could have had a chance but they are so policy conflicted now v. the "cleaner" Chretien/Trudeau/Laurent/King/Laurier days. The Tories are without hope.

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