Friday, April 04, 2008

A Great Personal Day for Northworthy

In my small world, this is a great day, as the Toronto Star published on April 3rd, 2008, this article "Lung Cancer Trigger Discovered."

This article indicates that they now know the trigger and some of the dynamics of lung cancer.

I note for my kid fans, I smoke because of a risk analysis due to the complex medical problems I have had to deal with in life, possibly even induced by smoking itself.

Tomorrow I smoke however knowing more that in a sense I was "right" in my observations of the data. It does not change my risk analysis but it give me greater comfort knowing that I might not be subject to that trigger and therefore I can continue to smoke but certainly mindfully and respectfully to others (egads, people used to smoke in elevators ...).

I note even though others believe when they get acquainted with me that I might have a certain intelligence and knowledge base to be very well respected, I will still get "idiots" who on appearances only make their opprobrium known to me.

If they were smarter, perhaps they would realize that you cannot judge other people or even "diagnose" people, solely on appearances. Every one has a story but it would appear at times no one wishes to listen but to act. Stephen Hawking on appearances would have been where? An asylum? Instead he wrote the biggest selling "new physics" book ever, "A Brief History of Time," and now has out "George's Secret Key To The Universe."

For Geeks, you have to check this link to COSMOS the most powerful computer known to man

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