Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bell Canada Has Your SIN number!

I just got off phone with a person who promised to give excellent service at Bell Canada.

I was wondering what this automated message was that asked me to call 1 866 716 8056 and called them as it was actually very polite "at my earliest convience."

She asked me my home phone number and I provided it.

She then asked me for my 9 digit account number, to which I said I did not have that.

Then she said for security purposes I will have to ask you a few questions, to which I said no problem.

She asked who is the person who has authority to manage the account in my place as a contact.

I said there might be two. So please ask another question.

She then asked "What are the last four digits of your social insurance number?"

I said to allacrity, "You are not supposed to have those numbers. That is a violation of the Social Insurance regulations in Canada"

I then provided my last four digits, and then she told me a I had a rather small balance to pay.

I told her I am reporting this to the Canada Revenue Agency. Bell Canada is not supposed to be using our Social Insurance Numbers.

That is a fact.

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Unknown said...

Most likely she not from Bell Canada. That somebody running a phishing scam.