Friday, May 30, 2008

Norton software conflicts with Windows XP SP3

Norton software conflicts with Windows XP SP3

The Windows Secrets Newsletter published the above and if you use Norton anything on XP SP3 ... you should read the advisory as it could compromise the security of your computer/laptop ...

Windows Secrets itself is a great subscribe for free publication brought out by Brian Livingston and a fine team of experts on Windows since ... well ... it was just DOS and a graphical shell ... Brian has written "tombs" on Windows, and more, writes easily, and well, especially for "non-geeks."

The team fields questions and readers also provide tips that improve your experience with any MS product (mainly Microsoft stuff as it is after all preloaded and therefore "free" with your purchase).

Highly recommended.

Note, they sometimes have licensing tips, and drill down hard on issues, but both pay attention, so you don't have to: if it gets by them, they are toast as are you!!!!

UPDATE #1: The Windows Secrets Newsletter also has a "pay what you can upgrade" that I recommend for core geeks. Occasionally though if some thing in the extra "pay what you can" listed in the "free" version, is of interest, I would suggest either helping out Brian with some cash, or Googgling the item. There is lots of free help on the Internet and most "geek" alpha types, like showing anyone that they know all about computers .... Some though have been there from the beginning. Some have just learned about them say in the last decade or so. Yours truly started his personal computing experience in 1975.

UPDATE #2: Fred Langa, RETIRED May 1, 2008! (Northworthy has mixed feelings on this but is happy for him personally). He had his own newsletter, the "The Langa Letter" that was free, that he merged into Brian's Newsletter "Windows Secrets." Fred was a friend to many Windows users since "Windows Magazine" came and went, and before with other publications and after with more, including becoming a Computerworld contributing editor, in the IDG Group. He writes some final wisdom while telling the Computer Techie / Junkie world he has hung up his mouse May 1, 2008. I still cannot believe it but I gather after taking some motorbike tours of Canada and the US, he smelled the roses. He was always open to questions and wrote back, and was fun to debate as I did with him many a time. He blogs still but on like different things. We will have to see if the computer bug he got 30 years ago is cured!


computer support said...

So what are the security concerns that are being creeping along windows xp sp3 with norton.. provide some details or any of the link's you have for the same..

Lawrence said...

Unfortunately I was lazy cause I just posted the hyperlink at the top of the blog article that you did not notice. I will bold and colour it for you. Sorry.

computer support said...

Hey Lawren.. in what ever way you are lazy but i don't get delay in thanking you for that..

that was indeed a great link to visit along and grab some nice stuff for

Lawrence said...

I must say your welcome ... I get somewhat of a "slacker" at times ... I blame it on the Grade 8 Geography teacher I had, when we spent so much time studying Australia v. Canada ... a bit of Aussie got into me ... I shake it off though on somethings "Canadian" or "Economics" in nature FWIW.