Friday, May 23, 2008

Hmmm .. a weapon just against teenagers? Retailer and Parent delight?

I just caught this today:

Is this real? Seems so.

The Mosquito™ ultrasonic teenage deterrent is the solution to the eternal problem of unwanted gatherings of teenagers in shopping malls, around shops, in parks and schools afterhours and anywhere else they are causing problems. The presence of anti-social teenagers discourages genuine customers from coming into stores, affecting your turnover and profits. With loitering comes vandalism. Anti-social behaviour has become the biggest threat to private and public property over the last decade and there has been no effective deterrent until now. It is also proven to reduce vandalism by 90%.

With an effective range of between forty and sixty feet, customers all over the world have shown that teenagers are acutely aware of the Mosquito and usually move away from an "infested" area within a few minutes. The system does not cause hearing loss or other ill effects.
Canadian company too apparently ....

Hat tip: Q1o7 distinguished (computer) 'geek' list. May 22, 2008

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