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Fascism is Alive and well and Living in America. | Audette-O-Blog

Fascism is Alive and well and Living in America. | Audette-O-Blog

Interesting American survey highlighted and comments from people in the street ... This is not the America with the Statute of Liberty and the welcome mat out, I knew as a kid partly raised in the Bronx.

To me the final "corruption" of America began with the media concentration and what James Fallows termed "Broken News" where the reporter is the story, where if there is no video feed, there is not story on TV. Where the reporter, is no longer an independent journalist plying a craft, but riding along with what and where they are allowed to go.

Stevie Cameron in Canada, is to me, a heroine journalist who digs and digs, suffers opprobrium of her fellow journalists, through apparently police leaked hearsay (I watched her testify in the Schrieber-Mulroney affair and have her book "On the Take": she has a blog too, that I link to at left).

No one apparently heeded James Fallows a brilliant writer on many subject areas.

When Dan Rather tried to get at the truth, he was cut and chopped to pieces.

JD Roberts? Formerly a CHUM-AM disc jockey, "CHUM City" personality and now a US news anchor, he seems no exception to reading the news and looking good, with a high TV-Q (how "they" rate people as acceptable to the audience).

No one has remembered there the warning to the American people by famed WWII General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower:

Now if you think gas prices are high now, wait until some daft move occurs somewhere in the world, either by the US or against the US causing a reaction. Or more opprobrium builds around the Olympics (what Nixon's openning to China was for nothing? You want the Chinese as enemies or friends? Traditionally they love Canadians ... Norman Bethune? Ever hear of him?)

Its far too predictable to build more fear and get more money for the military-industrial complex, that appears as the title of the show goes, in final state, fascist, in the near final move

Take the nice or not so nice, somewhat humiliating security checks of fellow citizens who are totally harmless, at airports, that result in delays costing billions due to economics of congestion: Professor Michael Denny, University of Toronto, Economist. Why not spend say $100 million instead on armed officers sitting in the front row? HUH? Save some billions but of course that would eliminate the "fear" effect, that appears to be used effectively in election campaigns and also to control the mass of people.

In Canada, PM Stephen Harper appears unable to answer many questions posed by the Opposition (like where did he get the money to run and win the Conservative-Reform Leadership in the first place?) but the current Liberals, Liberal Party "firsters" they are, will not pull the plug on the "Conservatives" who seem to be more and more like old "Confederates" in my observations.

I sadly miss PM Jean Chretien for he would have none of what is going on. Canada likely would be out of Afganistan or in a peace keeping roll at this time.

Worse, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms seem to be just paper to some people, the Canadians who never bothered to read it, including the police as Northworthy recently experienced.

Justice for all or Justice for none? I dunno.

But I would safely predict that gas prices are going to be over $2 per litre soon. Enjoy your lack of knowledge of this country's history and care for your own country fellow Canadians. The Marxist Lennist's at UofT used to call this type of people lumpenproletariat, sleeping sheep, for the slaughter.

At least the immigrants know what a wonderful country we have, where the rich (used to) line up with the poor for health care (Ed. Note: at least the traffic jams are equilizers and airport security unless you are extremely rich: I know some extremely rich people who are though nice and thank goodness they are true Canadians, thick and thin).

As any regular reader would note, I am a bit sour right now but truly pray for my country and many friends across this great land. From my discussions with many immigrants the world loves Canada but now there is dirt on us, as we get closer and closer to the Southern positions. Former PM Joe Clark, unprecedented, did not have the current PM attend his portrait reveal in the Central Block of Parliament.

Between the geopolitics and the domestic politics, they are now truly negative and I am a 100% cash is king guy baring owning your own home. The recent Harper's magazine said it all ... And China and The Economist Magazine. Never read them? Never read the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Don't know what was is any of them? Tough for you. Its going to get rough out there, that is for sure (I read a recent Evangelical Brochure I hope I saved somewhere that I can fax to the Royal Bank of Canada, that originated from Calgary, Alberta), and I am just watching the wheels go round, knowing I live in a small caring, very safe community, where we take care of our own, treat each other with respect, and help our neighbours in however which way we can.

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