Saturday, June 14, 2008

Copyright Reform: Treasonous and Venomous?

Copyright Reform Bill 61 AKA
"The Canadian DMCA: A Betrayal" by Michael Geist

I would go farther than betrayal.

Secret "Conservative" deceit, foreign plutocracy, and totally undemocratic.

I would add foreign "Conservative" as these guys do not represent Canadians, but rather apparently the global foreign "Conservative" movement.

I mean the Schreiber affair if you dig into it, you find out that there is this network of "Conservatives" that seem to want to rule the world their way, whatever way that is.

Further the foreign to Canada "Conservatives" these guys are, have no relation to the Tories, and say the Joe Clark, who fought very admirably tooth and nail against Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as loyal Opposition Leader, and eventually Prime Minister, however briefly.

Was it a strange coincidence that for the first time in Canadian history the unveiling of a former Prime Minister's portrait who was still living and attending that unveiling, in the Central block of Parliament, went unaccompanied by the sitting Prime Minister?

This Copyright Bill-C61 and the recent Immigration Bill are the tip of the Internationalist "Conservative Agenda" they will not share with the people.

As I have asked rhetorically before, how are these guys going to get re-elected?

They have already started a smear campaign against Dion (is this the second round of same with no election in sight?)

While the recent apology to the Aboriginal people of Canada in the "committee as a whole" format, allowing the Aboriginal leaders to accept the goodwill of the Harper speech writer, what about drinking water, decent housing, mineral rights, reparations, and treaty settlements, including giving them the lands described in the treaties that we agreed to honour through the Crown?

Add in the Residential Schools, and it won't be long before that speech writer's words are forgotten and the goodwill of one day, generates another "Betrayed" group by these "con-servatives."

Is it therefore "treasonous" I ask? I think so when a foreign power dominates your political government, casting aside the history of the laws, "Reforming" them, without an electoral mandate, to a foreign political movement.

Stephane Dion, had his chance to get an election on the Immigration Act changes buried in a financial bill but chose to give more time to the foreign to Canada "Reform" group.

While Mr. Dion might have felt weak, wait until the next and the next "attack" ads come, as the "Reform" collects money internationally (????) or from where at our limits on political financing (where did Harper get his money to run for the "Leader" is still an unanswered question and Elections Canada is having a field day on the "Con-servatives" last election financing),

But to a last question: what will bring down this minority government and when? In the GTA they have no chance of winning a seat but the Liberals have damaged themselves with their base for sure, due to their lack of principles.

So again, can the New Democrat, Jack Layton come up the middle between a secretive Reform, Globalist Conservative movement foreign to Canada, that is causing our allies and friends to rethink our country's position internationally, and an unprincipaled Liberal Leader, who keeps appologizing for supporting that foreign movement in Canada?

Is this too harsh for a nice afternoon? Or not harsh and apparent enough?

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