Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tobbaco War: 2008

On April 8, 2008, the Toronto Star health reporter wrote an article about the genetic's of tobacco use, as well as the triggering gene to lung cancer.

The Associated Press picked up the same "news" but spun it. The Globe & Mail carried the AP wire story.

Now as of June 1, 2008, in Ontario, tobacco products for sale must be concealed. Unless you know your brand is in there, you kind of have a problem.

Of course is you are from another country, you might ask for your home brand, and bam, its in your hand, and you are happy.

Marlboro's are the world's largest brand of cigarettes bar none else (maybe a Chinese or Indian brand beats it).

Philip Morris owns "Marlboro" in the USA and a few other countries (130?). Philip Morris though did not own the brand in Canada.

But with April 8th's news, the cover-up of tobacco in Ontario, and the Canadian production and distribution now of Marlboro's in Canada by Benson & Hedges of Etobicoke, Ontario, what is up next?

I will tell you:

1) the big Tobacco companies in the US will suit those States that sued them, for their money back plus more,

2) the advertising ban on Tobacco products is going to be dropped,

3) the sponsorship money will come back to sport events in Canada,

4) the non-smokers who have anxiety related illnesses include colitis, IBD, depression, etc., will start smoking and have their symptoms resolve "miraculously,"

5) the Big Pharma companies will fight this tooth and nail,

6) the second hand smoking ads will get dropped and replaced by automobile exhaust,

7) the Big Oil companies will fight this tooth and nail, and

8) the world will know once and for all times, the medicinal use of tobacco, long known by native Americans, North, Central, and Southern.

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