Friday, June 06, 2008

Senate report: Iran intel kept from US agencies - Yahoo! News

Senate report: Iran intel kept from US agencies

from Yahoo! News

It looks like between the Dept of Defense and the Senate, the "jig" is up for the Bush administration. The book published by the former Press Secretary was plenty. This is now over the top for a sitting President and Vice-President of the USA: do you think the "clean" media is not going to raise bloody hell on any further deceptions?

Stay tuned.

The USA is being turned upside down with the Senate and Congress likely now stuck with one act: impeachment of both President and VP. For those wondering, who is next in line, it might be the Speaker of the House ... or who ? I have the rules somewhere ... but it is not my problem in the US ... I live in Canada. We have our hands full with the secretive PM of ever at the moment.

His "jig" also seems to be up.

The difficulty is the "pretext" for unity is usually a foreign war: will the USA attack someone to try a final gambit? Or will they be stopped by Robert Gates, Defense Secretary?

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