Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Big CRIA "Bust" in the Media is Not Over IMHO

The incident I blogged about here has provoked this "editorial."

I have screen shots of all the links I browsed and pointed to, excepting the video, and will consider digging harder at this news. I for example went to see the archive versions of the taken down site in question that only partially tell its story.

In Alexa, its shows some of the complaints and angsts against the company, but it also shows the network of the organization. Many other sites are still active.

On one hand, does appear to be a pirate source of physical copies, not for "trying" but for buying in substitution for the owner's product - a big no, no. On the other hand, it appears to link into a rather complex network of ethnocentric and youth dance parties across Canada, that were also likely used to sell many DJ CD remixes in person, and possibly the alleged bootleg CD's as well.

The remixes themselves may not all be illegal under Canadian law. It is leap of faith to call all of the product "illegal" as certain licensing issues present themselves in the case of DJ's and the content they use and create themselves.

The mail order connection and all of this is future work, and there is much more to come on this from the obvious thorough investigation by the CRIA and the support they have with the Federal Government and the RCMP (the CRIA in its news release seemed to have a rather interesting relationship with Federal prosecutors).

This is but the tip of a very large iceberg from my cursory view. If I was a paid-for-journalist, I would have a field day here. Much more news should come from this. We will have to watch with appropriate anticipation.

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