Monday, March 03, 2008

Film Funding Furour and the CBC

CBC News: Sunday

After watching a segment on TV called "Film Funding Furour," I feel like a free person just arbitrarily detained. I feel anger and horror. Furour is a lite expression of the rage I feel, thinking of those who died fighting for the freedom represented by the film maker v. those "believers" who were likely conscientious objectors, worse "uninvolved," or even worse, in with the book burners, that Canada fought against.

I cannot say more. I am too upset.

Read: John Degen's view before this show. Julianna Yau picks up on the story brewing, and has a great link to the views breaking out getting greater publicity. See some of the comments to the show if you missed this "debate." Many are disgusting to me.

Personally I hope every filmmaker operating in Canada, foreign or domestic, puts their camera down. Shut it all down. This is pathetic behavior in a "freedom" based democracy, and should be over exposed.

Should TV show producers be concerned? I would guess after the first group is beat up, you will be next.

Here is the picture in my head:

"First they came…" is a poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

Update: Professor Sam Trosow digs into the story:

Bill C-10 Triggers Censorship Concerns - Monday, 03 March 2008

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