Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Harmony and Development of Human Beings ▪ Robert Mundell (Canadian!) Nobel Laureate

I have to take a pause, for great wisdom and exposure of thought: Robert Mundell is an amazing Canadian "product" that has gone to great things on the world stage.

I was exposed to him in University and followed him along as his views won out. He is a shadow character, a thinker with few peers.

This speech was to the Beijing Nobel Laureates Forum, Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China, on September 05 2006. He was named permanent adviser to the Beijing Nobel Laureates Forum, in tribute to his position with the leadership of the People's Republic of China. His thoughts are like a teaspoon of sugar to the mind, in context of a fierce debate I endured last night vs. a committed, gloating "Gold" bug.

Without understanding views of people like Mundell, fear is what you can feel as disturbing gyrations in the marketplace occur. The guessing without thought leadership and a basis of knowledge can induce more fear as inexplicable happenings occur.

Take a calming, teaspoon of sugar here: a free download of some rather profound reflection, as the world appears to some as on the brink into a jingoistic, xenophobic set of laager states. It won't happen in my opinion but the Gold bugs of the world seem to think its Plan A. I think its Plan 0 for them. We are smarter I hope than they think we are.

”The Harmony and Development of Human Beings”

There is a great "taking credit" speech here delivered on receiving an honorary degree from the third oldest university in the world, that explains the influence of this remarkable man you may never have heard of but oddly, who ever hears him, listens very carefully for the influence he has had to date. This other speech should not be missed in my opinion. His taken credit is well due him as is his Nobel prize.


Not to steal into the wisdom of this post, addressing this fine "Economists' Economist", this link is for those who doubt the powers of the knowledge class. While people can criticize what the Fed does and wise, it is not short of tools. This one the Fed employed is creative but oddly was something I foretold in my debate with a Gold bug on Friday night as an option to what Buffet declined to do. I also suggested strongly for him to search for "Robert Mundell" but also "Walter B. Wriston" to get out of the "conspiracy theory" side of the world, to fix his awareness issue fundamentally. He does not appear likely to get out though until I gather the next Slap to come.

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