Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pornography and "Public Policy" -The Dirty Use of Words

The use of the "XXX" connection in the news release of the CRIA March 6, 2008 (no longer publicly available from the CRIA or the News wire service), is very similar to the public course of debate on Bill C-10: mixing the known ineligible with the desired ineligible to spread misinformation: linking a "bad" with another "bad."

If this sounds familiar to claims that the "pirate" organizations are fronts for terrorist ops and money laundering, I ask a simple question: what about the old fashioned desire of making a quick buck, getting away with it, and retire fast, to some presentable digs with a 'legit" look?

This is thematic to capitalist "success" literature, excepting its ordinarily using a legit product and paying the taxes, and staying somewhat respectable.

This makes me wonder if say Vivid Entertainment of the US should have a future "news release" if its property was involved while also having a similar legitimate right with the same access the CRIA member companies have to our "RCMP Federal Enforcement Section." I wonder if the "Canadian Family Action Coalition" would object to this "counterfeiting" and breach of copyright law?

That "Adult" industry appears however smarter than the recording industry: they make lots of new product, deliver it as customers want it, and diminish the value in "classic" content by improving production quality. Sure they could stall their pipeline, divert resources, whine for government support, and try to get more from the past, but they know their market. Maybe the recording industry should examine what the "bad" "XXX" industry does to stay in business in the Digital Age. Adult 2.0 seems to be #1 or #2 on the Internet.

For the people who think this industry does not know what it is doing, read their "press release" on the subject of kids and the Internet.

(Ed. Note: once one makes the leap to the Digital Age, you have to use new models of almost everything, hence the 2.0 I use more often).

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