Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Film Artists Speak Up Prominently to C-10

So much for my trouble with finding the words ...

"I think it flies in the face of what we should be looking towards as a civilized nation in terms of supporting our artists, supporting unique visions. Making films that challenge, that provoke, that create discussion. Sex and violence are part of the world we live, in so they will be represented by artists. It's terrifying and I'm just hoping that the outcry will be loud and persistent enough that it will go away forever."
-Sarah Polley

"What's happening tonight — which is about celebrating Canadian film — I feel I can't go on without bringing up Bill C-10. [If passed], a very small group of government bureaucrats [will have the] the power to censor Canadian film and television artists by threatening to take away vital government funding. So in other words, censorship … is trying to make a comeback. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound Canadian to me.""
-Sandra Oh

"C-10 hasn't made it through the Senate yet."
-Senator (General) Romeo Dallaire

Eastern Promises is a screenplay that is chock full of the powerful, frank, honest, original scenes. Just the kind that if some barbarians have their way, is no longer going to be permissible in Canadian cinema.”
-Robert Lantos

And the headline from the Globe and Mail about the Missing Minister Verner:

"Minister snubs Genies amid film flap"

And just in case you thought the the Facebook Fair Copyright for Canada group grew fast, check out the 17,500 in 5 days, and pass it along: the Facebook "Keep your censoring hands off of Canadian film and TV! No to Bill C-10!"

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