Monday, January 16, 2006

The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century :: Joey deVilla's Weblog :: Big Content: Ice Harvesters of the 21st Century

The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century :: Joey deVilla's Weblog :: Big Content: Ice Harvesters of the 21st Century

I like this post. Thought provoking while making for a day without you know who in reference, to me, is very much a cleaner day.

Is "old" content going to resist? Just like the Ice Harvestors ... love it.

He makes well the point that there has indeed been a destructive level of innovation that society's that advance *protect*. Forward looking societies have balance in the inertia of that society to let new ideas in and let old ideas die a peaceful death. They don't protect the old industries, they take the leaps of faith, or better, they let the invisible hands work their magic to make the better mouse traps (PETA alert).

When such balance is not present, do we really have a just society, where everyone can get the same shots, where the debates are clean, where the road blocks you run into, are not from payoffs, but are rather from the competitive force of better ideas?

Yes, we have seen non-competitive means employed where you have one side paying for a stonewalling of anothers interests, that was contemporaneously inexplicable, yet is now exposed.

The victims of the stonewalling are angry. Not zealots for the sake of religion but people who want justice where they see blatantly an injustice committed in the field of ideas.

But maybe its worse than that.

Its not just ideas, and being allowed to be heard; its about being listened to and considered. It is one thing to hear someone, its another thing entirely to listen without having the idea of lunch with your friends on your mind, and what they will say on your actions of today in your appearance of listening.

The contempt for the process now shown is not the way its supposed to work, not in Canada, not in a special area where ordinary people have a vital but to each very small stakeholder interest. Ordinarily, it is an interest insufficient to make them avid participants, but nevertheless an interest that is not to represented by this group or that group, but by rather the parliamentarians we are supposed to trust in a "democrasy."

Back to higher ground, forthcoming here will be the promised Part 2 on the Canadian Recordings Industry, where in the narrative you will get the idea that maybe its just about protecting the massive investments made in content, not anything to do with new content. Stay tuned.

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