Monday, January 23, 2006

Sign of Incompetance

Random Ross Rader :: Sam an outright liar?

Strong words, not my own but then a person using the words of another word for word is but a plagiarist to me and deserves what plagiarists get, discipline.

Without a doubt so many feelings have been brought about from the logical assertions one must take to some of the information revealed in this sorry month surrounding this MP, Sarmite Bulte.

It was bad the "campaign contributions."

It was bad the "fundraiser", in the face of the "campaign contributions."

It was bad the "attack" on Michael Geist and pro-user zealots, defending her "friends".

It was bad that January 22, 2006 in writing in the Toronto Star, she is revealed as a mere plagiarist and apparently lacks any independent research but that provided by industry associations that largely represent foreign interests.

Worse for me, is I wonder what the heck her own department does for its living so to speak, if it cannot provide to her facts independent of the many industries she is seeking to intelligently regulate on "our" behalf.

The last bit of trouble (somehow I doubt that this is it) is of her own doing in an article published by the Toronto Star claimed as authored by Sarmite Bulte torn up eloquenly in the "Confirming the Copyright Gap" article posted by Michael Geist. This man is clearly very intelligent, and with out doubt one of the leading law professors in our country on this issue area, nationally and internationally reknown. Listening to his lectures, without one bit of doubt in my mind (I am 100% skeptical by my own background), he is fair minded, and only perhaps becoming zealous when in sight of obvious injustice. That is the kind of guy you want your kids to look up to if you are blessed to have kids who are of an intellectual mind.

Debating this type of guy publicly with ad hominem attacks, makes the person throwing the attacks the loser. Get the facts, get the angle, get your homework done, and without a doubt this guy of all guys, might give one then options, and further the debate.

In debate, I think Michael vs. Sam would be a sorry beating to observe on any subject. And this is coming from someone who as a student put Allistair Gillespie, Minister of Energy, in his place at Hart House, with respect, without ad hominem attack (nor good heckle).

So one more day for the MP or more. Who knows tomorrow today (sigh).

The curse though is definitely out there of interesting times, particularly surrounding the underlying reform in Copyright law required however bad it might be, it must be done, or it must the inaction on changing it, must be a policy decision of the next government. A stance is required.

(note the original posting has been changed that this blogtorial points to. Perhaps the writer had second thoughts of the extent of the lie he perceived? )

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