Sunday, January 08, 2006

Election and Copyright Reform

"Houston. We have a problem."

Hypothetical conversation follows ...

"Mr. Prime Minister, the Parliamentary Secretary to Heritage is on the phone again. Do you wish to speak with her?"

"Put her on. This time we will be alone."

"Sam. What are you up to? Are you getting re-elected? I need some good news."

"Um. Paul. I have a small problem."

"Problem. You are not telling me the RCMP is at it again?"

"No. Sir. Its not like that at all."

"Well speak up if you can. The media are not in the 727 right now. Its warming on the tarmac in Edmonton though. This is a loud plane. Makes the House of Commons a library by comparison."

"Well. I think I did it this time. I told the media that the money we got from the music, software and film industry was from my friends. They seem to think that what I do for my friends matters."

" You are telling me that some genius found the money and you told the media in response to this, that they were your friends. You have got to be kidding me? We never say the lobbiests are our friends. We don't pay them to be our friends do we?"

"Um, sir. It would seem that we were going to. We gave them everything they wanted on Copyright reform despite the 700 submissions from Canadians that said we were out of our minds."

"Sam. Sam. Sam. I have a debate coming up and I have to prepare for it. Call Scott up and see what he can do to spin this. Hopefully, he can save you without saying anything about Canadians eating popcorn and drinking beer this time."

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