Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy with 'bulte'?

We posted earlier on what the Canadian lexicon could add to its lingua franca.

A "bulte" we remind, is a politician caught with their hands on dirty money -read lobbiest- who has no appologia and instead defends her actions as taking money from their friends.

First if you have doubt, read this from Excess Copyright on the rights and wrong, and the terrible scythe that creators find themselves in as creators and consumers. Read the e-mail from Professor Jack Granatstein to Maureen Cavan, Executive Director of ACCESS Copyright.

Read the whole post that encapsulates this e-mail.

Realize that there is lots of money involved often without a "chain of title", purely as an indemnification measure in case a rightful owner with a claim to a copyright complains of an infringing use, copy, publication, ad nauseum.

ACCESS collected $27 million in 2004. Not just from commercial interests.

The closing remarks of this post though makes one wonder why.

In other words, in the collective system that Canada had already, rightfully, a commercial interest will pay for a license to use the copyrighted work just in case they need one.

The use I stress is commercial.

Let the Supreme Court of Canada explain further. Whenever.

So please, think about what you read.

I and others can listen to you then.

See the exercise? I do.

What one particular MP needs to do and apparently the rest of the MP's too, from the Prime Minister on down, on this MP's behavior, and perhaps others (too many to link now) is to read closely Section 2 (e) of the Code of Ethics that you must abide to be and continue to be an MP, under "Principles."

Or do you?


Paul Martin Promised.

He said he kept all his promises.

He said he would fix a deficit.

He fixed one.


He made all MP's abide by the rules enforced by the Ethics Commissioner.

Or did he?

"Zealots" for fairness

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