Sunday, January 08, 2006

Time for Study

I have been a sicky lately with a bad cold that just won't go away. 12 cigs a day does not help but nothing else will help my ulcerative colitus. Been writing tons on copyright issues as they are of interest going way back to my University of Toronto days. Law and Economics. That was me. And IP was going to be my bag.

Fast forward, I am a successful government auditor. I kick butt at work. Far cry from my hopes and dreams but nevertheless a good life.

To the good life, I worked like the dickens taking a Statistics Canada report apart: Sound Recording: data tables, October 2005, catalogue no. 87F0008XIE. Kind of dull for lots of folks but for me, a challenge to my CGA studies at present with the course "Statistics" upon me. Too bad that the U of T stuff did not carry weight ... I think I took 4 advanced courses in stats on top of the current equivalent. Dates myself quite a bit. EEK.

The good stuff of my studies of late is some rather disturbing results that I have tried sharing somewhat. Made some nice graphs, for the exercise and for the analysis: a picture tells a 1000 words. Well, taking data and then graphing it, helps big time to explaining the otherwise disassembly of information in the numbers. If I figure it out, I will try to post some of the weirder stuff I found in my studies. If not, its vapourware ... hush ....

It looks to me that I am surrounded by Liberal voters that are disaffected who would drop the party like a bad cold on further bad news. Can't wait for when next Bono is going to bite Martin again.

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