Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Canada, Welcome to World 2.0

Clashes likely to redefine Canadian identity

Roberto Rocha, of the Montreat Gazette has an interesting article in the paper on how Copyright Reform in 2008 might go or should go.

Its a tough subject area to connect to the Canadian identity but who else but a Quebecker can bring up such subjects so easily. With the Quebec music market thriving nicely without apparent attention from the CRIA, and the rest of Canada's music market painted by the CRIA piracy claims, its refreshing to have it stated frankly, that yes, its a kitchen table issue for Canadians.

In the tumbling blocks, we have Michael Geist's initiative to start a Facebook group for Canadians to easily join. Then chapter initiatives perculating from the bottom up, then chapter people like Evan Prodromou having his voice heard.

I agree with Roberto: yes by whatever forces, it has put the events in 2008 to come in the grasp of re-defining a Canadian identity. Oddly, its going to take a National Citizen's Coalition founder, a grass roots organization that started up when one individual disagreed with what was happening in Ottawa. Now that person is Prime Minister and he will face the music of a similar group, with similar roots, only in a Web 2.o world.

Canada, welcome to the World 2.o.

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