Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Relationship Marketing? Try Creep-Out Marketing!"

From the "What is the (Next) Message?" Blog: "Relationship Marketing? Try Creep-Out Marketing!"

This is creepy. For privacy watchers. Ouch. Right in your local pharmacy. The Federal Information police should be taking this lead and running hard with it.

Whoops. No Federal Information police. Yet?

PIPEDA appears toothless. Is it?

This post by Mark Federman has to hit the blog of the Privacy Commissioner. And the radar of those interested in privacy in Canada.

You have a Rx with Shoppers? Or other drug stores? Make haste.


Doug said...

Did you see this thing that Sears is doing? I agree, crap is crap. I hope (wish?) that Canadians privacy was more protected.

Lawrence said...

I finally met up with "Sears" again, after quickly viewing your link on no sleep. This time off the John Palfrey blog:

Its bad or even worse than bad in the description of what Sears was doing. It would appear they took the advice on the day they were notified Jan 8th and promised to clean it up by Jan 10th. If they are still doing it, after that, they don't seem to know that these kinds of things can have a very long memory on the Internet and in brand valuation. Can you say SonyBMG and not say Rootkit in the first few things that come to mind? I can't. Might just be me. Dunno.

Sears Canada in a browse over, BTW appears to have very good Canadian lawyers who know our privacy laws.

They state very well what they promise to do and how to get your information from them, including who they sent it to, assuming somewhere else you agreed to that.

Actually from what I have seen, it is a very clear, excellent presentation of their privacy policies at least with respect to website presentation. Sears Canada should not be confused with the ultimate parent corp.

If they only used a Canadian based server ... sigh ... so close.

Thanks for the awareness.