Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Downloading by Students Overstated by MPAA!

Downloading by Students Overstated :MPAA OVERSTATES 2005 Study

Its not clear what to make of this. From 44% of revenue lost to piracy by college students to just 15% now being blamed on the US "college student".

"44 percent of the money the industry lost within the United States that year was attributable to peer-to-peer file sharing by college students. It now appears that the figure was closer to 15 percent, or $243 million."

Did Doug Firth resign over this you wonder? He certainly would be useless as lobbyist after a publicized affair and this? Have to watch what Michael makes out of this. This could get real ugly.

Read the original revised summary of data prior to the next revision. Yep says 44% today with no special effects ... page 12 ... probably been repeated a thousand times and more in the face of University Presidents across North America.

The students ain't gonna be happy when the news breaks. The Faculty may be outraged for what they have had defend, consider, debate, counsel, or worse, be coerced by this study to abet enforcement, to a very small problem on tight analysis. Uh uh. Not a happy week for the CMPDA to come or the good folks at the Universities and colleges.

Update #1: Jack Kapica's take P2P Net's 2006 story on this (!!!) not tightly authoritative (nice hoax the other day!) and the current one. Huge Hollywood mistake in student download rates. In Slashdot, it rages on.

Update #2: Can't lose this link. There are a lot of fallacies here. Too many. At this time, its scary to think how this story has spread today let alone over the weeks ahead. In some ways, it will be usefull to see which MSM carried the breaking AP story, and if so, when and where. Might be a very interesting pattern.

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Julianna said...

My understanding is 80% of statistics are fabricated anyway ;)