Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An interview with the misguided RIAA | The Digital Home - Don Reisinger's take on the tech closest to home - CNET Blogs

"An interview with the misguided RIAA" | The Digital Home - Don Reisinger's take on the tech closest to home - CNET Blogs

Well, if you read enough, eventually you are going to come across the stuff right from the horse's mouth.

The RIAA is a brother organization to the CRIA in the "IFPI", the latter an organization that is at the least reluctant to state what its letters stand for: driling into its webpage Membership of IFPI:

IFPI, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry is a non-profit-making Swiss Association, with its registered office at Utoquai 37, 8024 Zurich, Switzerland.
There is some commentary generating from this. And likely more.

From what I read, nothing here is new, only that it is stated in one place, and the source of what is stated is the RIAA. Usually the statements are what is ascribed to what the RIAA is doing in pejorative. In this interview, it is self-stated.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

The IFPI itself has a very interesting web masthead, with two prominent artists' covers: Avril Lavigne and Nelly Furtado, garnering Canada a 20% share

Of course this is delicious irony with Avril Lavigne apparently a member the Canadian Music Creators Coalition who at the same time is appearing as a poster child for the IFPI.

BTW, I used the Windows Vista snipping tool to gather the image above for my commentary: "copying" otherwise was disabled, an example of the overuse of technology to prevent what should be lawful, for commentary or research. A case of paracopyright protection gone wild?

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