Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The music industry | From major to minor |

The music industry | From major to minor |

What the Economist has to say for the next few years.

In Internet Time this article appears ancient at only 6 days of age with EMI's change in strategy. Wonder why I gave up my subscription years ago. Not!

BTW Does "Comes with Music" include Music that you actually want or just the releases that the "Major" has available?

The key to me that this article misses is the digitization of the catalogue of sound recordings they own, ex of the artist that did not buy back their masters, that these companies have in millions.

I would pay for access to that and so might others. Not just the best of stuff that others think are the "best of's". The real music is lost in vinyl. Lost in the vaults, collecting dust.

Hopefully while we all cast easily stupidity upon this industry, we will realize that maybe we should be bottom fishers or worse, buyers of the likely survivors. If the financial and legal specialists continue their drive of this industry into the dust, maybe the real moguls of the 21st century will come along, and see a bargain in the making?

Time for another spin out Edgar? Its probably too late.

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