Monday, January 07, 2008

Julianna Yau’s blog � An Experiment In Deconstructing Copyright – Part 7

I just discovered this little gem in the blog wilderness. Blogger Julianna is trying a very interesting non-legal, free form reconstruction (and dissection!) of the Copyright Act of Canada.

The Blog otherwise has a refreshing vibe to it, is lively in writing style, and will be looked to for some perspective, as the copyright reform unfolds.

She also started a Facebook Group "Canada needs a public inquiry into Copyright!" and has published a very good primer on selecting your Privacy Options on Facebook.


Julianna said...

Thanks for the review, Lawrence. It's good to know I'm not just talking to myself online in a somewhat formal way. You seem to have a knack for finding tucked-away blogs...I'm going to enjoy reading yours!

Lawrence said...

Hi Julianna,

Glad you dropped by to say hello. I enjoy reading and writing and am glad you found something that was interesting. I know I could read your whole blog to date, and enjoy it. Its well written, thoughtful, and it resonated with me very well.

PS best of luck on finding the balance you seek in the tool you want for displaying your artwork. I hate saying it but I enjoyed what you wrote of your Youtube experience. It hits to the frustrations we all experience at some point.

Julianna said...

Why do you hate saying that you enjoyed what I wrote of my Youtube experience? Not challenging it...just curious.

I'm still slowly making my way through your blog. You've got a ton of goodies for me to read!

Lawrence said...

Hi Julianna,

Re "hate saying it".

I don't like taking vicarious pleasure out of someone elses misfortune. The bottom line on your YouTube experience, was it would just not work. I have been there so many times! (Yahoo comes to mind immediately). It was funny but I am not so sure you thought it was funny (at least at times!). I did get some joy and humour of your troubles, contrasting to my reading of the Patry Copyright Blog that night, as in nuance he was giving another lawyer some credit, then spent the weekend in his back garage nailing him!

William Patry, Senior Copyright Counsel, Google Inc., owners of You Tube you think has a nice day job but he has some kind of joy in writing and finding that right balance in copyright law. I think your experience made it even more ironic or moronic(!) or even delicious reading of your experience on one of his employers sites in proximation to his blog.

William no doubt would love to read of your experience too and who knows if he has. Incredible (c) dude in my mind.

Julianna said...

The YouTube experience wasn't too funny, but I've become so accustomed to things not working that it wasn't upsetting... just disappointing. I did write the post with the intent to relay some dry humour, so I'm glad that did come through.

Wow, I didn't know about William Patry at all! Another blog to add to my list. Wherever am I going to find time to do all this reading?

I can certainly appreciate the deliciousness of reading my post alongside his blog.