Friday, January 25, 2008

ISP's Should be Neutral: Time for a Different Takedown

The critical question to come is the passivity of the transmitter currently in Canadian copyright law: damn them if they do spy on traffic (Where would it end? Know anyone who wants spyware or a keystroke monitor on their PC? ). Damn them if the don't spy on traffic (infringement of copyright, kiddie porn, hate, terrorists).

My belief is that ISP's should remain passive in law.

To arguments of criminality, the government has agencies with the electronic snooping mechanisms, with or without warrants in law, appropriate to the crime. Those agencies, independent of each other, can likely read/sniff packets with the best of them. See the CSIS Act for the terrorist hunt (no warrant). Don't see RCMP Act (warrant please). MS in fact developed technology and gifted it “free” to police departments across North America for chasing down kiddie porn (runs on Windows only ... I don't know but I would not expect anything “free” from MS otherwise). The Toronto police asked, and got what they wanted (its a great story to look up for the law abiding).

To me, it would be an abuse of copyright law in my humble opinion, to add any ISP responsibility (for Northworthy watchers, see I do disagree with Michael Geist on occasion: he is wet on this). It is a demand really to push the costs to third parties, to delay the modernization of the affected copyright industries that are hurting at the moment by their decision not to stay up with the market, black or otherwise.

This push at the ISP to me, is totally offensive, and it covers up the past indecision by the industry to invest in digitization and to properly market music or movies, to compete with bad copies -> we are not "one copy" people here. We are the law abiding good people that we are, and we should never forget it, or let anyone say otherwise without a good proverbial slap in the head, or straight to a neighbour face, to decently say, straighten up.

To suffer any further cheesy threats that says we are not the good people we are, with specious evidence, is insulting, and should be totally intolerable to free people, claiming nationhood or freedom itself. We need backbone here to tell the honest truth: the inactions of those RIAA/MPAA companies to get on with it, to be competitive, have caused the decay of some people’s respect of intellectual property. If anything for this abuse of the public's chosen reward of copyright protection in term length, obtained questionably, unimaginable otherwise by the foundation and interplay of this law in free market economies, they should be punished.

I will say this: they are damn lucky that sods like me are not "in power" because I would break their very apparent industry trust even before natural market forces do the job.

Its poisoned politicians. Its broad brushed good nations and their citizens wrongly. Its caused the weakest and least powerful to be accused, to cower, in fear. With no evidence of any moral high ground to rightfully do so, more and more evidence of their utter immorality comes to light.

Its unchecked greed and power abused that decays much more than mere copyright law. I fear the just deserts a society is due for the tolerance of such decaying forces.

Yeah I liked Teddy Roosevelt.


This is a first Northworthy blog editorial with no links or sources necessary, dedicated to that Presidents' remarkable and courageous actions in the face of the decay caused by the first takeover of America by industrial trusts.

A moment in cyberspace, without a link.

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