Friday, January 18, 2008

musicmesh - a new way to discover music

musicmesh - a new way to discover music

musicmesh is one of those things that seems too good.

Very cool discovery thru the website on some of the new music 2.0 works in the percolator of the combined genius of humankind!

How one can go from Nelly Furtado thru to the Byrds while hearing and watching YouTube Music Videos of the songs, seeing track listings, wikipedia references, and an Amazon tag to buy it, to boot. With sometimes the released Video ... sometimes a TV show ... sometimes a concert performance, who knows ... sometimes into an ominous looking "video no longer available".

So far ... nah, I don't want to go back. I want to keep playing with this! This is my newest, coolest thing found on the web by far, in while.

Mr. Tambourine Man, Chimes of Freedom, ... now to find the linkages ... hmmm ... stuck in a corner ...

Time to bust out ... search "The Clash" ... yep. Then Sex Pistols ... couple of clicks ... Avril Lavigne .... bunch of kid CD's and good company ... Madonna ... Christina Aguilero ... over to Coldplay ...

While I think Pandora had the same gee whiz feel to it, this is much more interactive, spatially and visually, showing the 1 to 5 or 1 to 6 relationships from each album ... not as good as Pandora in those relationships I feel ... but "something" seems to be linking the albums that appears genre/influences related.

Now if musicmesh had access to the Music Genome Project and built in all that data. And you put it up on your "Home Theatre," with the clicker, a very cool music night with the friends could come back into vogue. As is, you could still have a blast!!!

Even better is the "Killer" Web 3.o potential here, should "it" eventually learn you never pick "disco" connections, that you dislike the singing of Neil Sedaka, and it can dig out new relationship content, real time off the Net, with a lazy autoplay fuzzy ambient intelligence mode, to pick off your mood, it would be, well 2015 or so!

Pandora, I am still missing you, and this is not quite your own radio station but this musicmesh is a very addictive "Video-Musical" game that is fun to play, listen and watch.

BTW I think old and new artists and even "album labels" (the remnants of the known recording companies of today) will get paid very well in 2015 off of all these microplay impressions generated. Its the long tail of enormity making up for relatively few who ever bought music.

Back to CBC 3. I am going for something autoplay for the moment.

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